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Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
assertiveness basically. the same thing that elizabeth warren faced in scott brown, which was to sneer at her as an elite professor, which really got to me. it means we started teaching about the same time. for women of color and the entire united states teaching the, two blacks, one nation, one latina. and that is not so long ago. a few years afterwards i went into the classroom and having mostly men in a classroom, most of whom on election night before the election was decided i had to turn us in a classroom and was filled with that romney's. i woke up to a brand-new world. this is the way law schools looked when i was coming out. when you first started teaching to the woman, when he lived in massachusetts he didn't just say professor, he said blake though you could really profess anything. i really rocketed me back. so i think in addition to the mockery generally and the electorate, in addition to the demeaning of women generally, you sort of have a celebrated when were hired, but it's also a double whammy in a political setting. >> i'm in washington. it's an interesting place. i love d.c.
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
in the past. they are also simply losing support. this is much more exciting, with brian brown, who runs the organization -- the national organization for marriage. and he talks about how they were outspent this time. they have seen their support true. they are not going to go away. i agree with patrick, i think they could come back in a forceful way. but they have seen their support shrink and their grassroots support shrink and they have seen their donor base train. the mormon church as a player he did not see in this campaign. they were the dominant player and you also saw a a lot of the individual donors on that side, where is on the pro-quality side, you saw fair-minded people across the board standing up and campaigning for these initiatives on our side, and also digging deep in writing big checks. [inaudible name] was the single largest personal contribution, contributed 2.5 million in the state of washington. so you look across the board and arm in arm with our allies. >> the blue state argument, it's true. it happened in the blue state. >> okay, the state of maine has two republ
Nov 20, 2012 11:00pm EST
educators educating 2 million people of color. since that time, post-brown versus board of education, there has been a decline in no plans put in place. i'm glad you all are coming up with these plans. however, in the click event ministration, the school to work initiative was moving us economically and educationally. what aggressive plans to you all have been the urban league to help actualize that they do at organization? >> where is my brochure? i will certainly just mentioned him here at the idea of teachers and educators, the idea of education were proceeding to jobs is central to our thinking. it is about the entire child. the reality check we have two dad to solve the fiscal challenges the nation faces means the reality is that there's not going to be about more resources and that's the hardest thing for me to grasp. we however have to be very principled in saying that across-the-board cuts are not a fair way to do cause. but there's certain things like investing in children, but voting infrastructure the nation, like helping the walked out and left outside training and job op
Nov 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
. this is not one story. if you want to know about the mail, turn to page 572. there's gordon brown and his sense ailments, 564. and what it peers morgan knew about fun hacking, page 615. >> register with this fast work, we cannot draw back and look at some of the big themes here. one of the central wants us the question of her dress. how to change the balance of power to give more rights to those unfortunate innocent individuals for whatever reason find themselves in the process of the press frenzy, their lives trash and chased and bullied the most very wealthy indeed, nothing they can do about it. >> a persuasive and 30 club months were justice leveson bed at his statement it report. he would take no questions that statement if ever for the speaker themselves. his inquiry was triggered by victims of the press and weber at the reports
Nov 21, 2012 11:00pm EST
itself and jim brown, the nfl legendary, the legendary nfl running back was on the panel and dan garza, professor at stanford who has worked on mouthguard technology that can measure the force of impacts on the head and kevin turner who was the subject of documentary which you will see a clip of it called american man produced by a colleague of mine who works at hbo. so, this panel will be featured in a show on the world channel on november 20 at 8:00 p.m. and on line as well. pbs is working with, public television is working with the aspen institute to turn this into a one-hour session. there will be a whole one-hour session which will include conversations about football safety but we are going to play about a ten-minute clip of that. [no audio] [inaudible conversations] let's come back to it. sorry about that. so what i would like to do now is start off this conversation about the under 14 question, the pre-high school equation and i would like to do that with our special guest, dr. robert cantu who many of you will of course are familiar with. he is the chief of neurosurgery and ch
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5